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New shows and new hope!

                       I've been looking for new shows to watch because I have all this free time and it's also good to get a feel for scripts. I realized I never watched Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's from the co-creator of Seinfeld, Larry David. He plays himself and it pretty much is about random events just like Seinfeld but not so extreme. At first I didn't really know what to think of this show but it started to grow on me. The first few episodes maybe even the first season isn't that exciting but it starts to pick up and there were a few times where I laughed out loud at just how insane the situations were. Overall I would recommend watching Curb if you had the chance. It's worth a watch.

                     I've been working really hard on my pilot episode of my show. When I first gave it to a person to review it was given an alright review but nothing amazing. After that I have been trying to fill out the characters and make the story more appealing. A few days ago I gave it back after really changing most of it and my reviewer really liked it. She said it was tons better and now I feel re-energized. I have more confidence and once I get the money I'm going to send it to the toronto playhouse where they act the script out and film it. They also review it and send you a video of all of it, all for forty bucks. Seems like everything is going great!


I found a cool website that let's you upload your scripts. Once it's up you can send it to different festivals and studios. Seems like a really nice set up. https://www.withoutabox.com/ Check it out. There's another site that has a library of Television pilot scripts even ones that haven't made it. This site was great for me and I'm sure it's worth a look. http://tvwriting.googlepages.com/pilotschool Until next time.


I just watched the new episode of The Middle. It's starting to really grow on me. I could really see this show going for a long time. It has a fun family aspect to it, very similar to Malcolm in the Middle but I think it's funnier and it isn't as off the wall. It's a solid show that anyone who is looking for one should definately check out. Just a side note anybody that's a fan of scrubs should watch out for the Janitor in the Middle. He's the husband/father and he's plays a really funny role.  I watched Supernatural Season 5 episode 6 I think or it might be 5. It was a really good episode. They have been using the folklore stuff alot lately and I thought maybe it was getting tired but they totally threw in a twist, which was really awesome. I don't want to ruin it for anyone that hasn't watched it so I won't say much but definately check it out if youre a supernatural fan. I'm on my way to watch the new Psych episode it's the last one until January so I'm sure it's action packed. Until next time.


Hi, I created this community for an elite selection of human beings. That's right I'm talking to Sitcom writers. We all love TV shows and how fun, dramatic, or compelling they are. This community is for anyone that has ever or is aspiring to write for Television. I hope you all enjoy this and I can't wait to write more about this topic. Feel free to send out scripts or ideas. We can all read them and review for the writer. I think this will be great for anyone that needs to know what they need to work on in terms of their writing. Also we can talk about what shows we like or dislike. I have tons of shows I love. Just to name a few - Supernatural , Scrubs, Psych, Dexter, and True Blood. There are also new shows that seem really interesting and might turn out to be great shows. The main one so far is The Middle it's a simple family comedy but it has it's funny moments. Until next time : ]


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